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Bamboo homestead built from the ground up using cheap renewable means.

the basic idea here is to replace 40 acres of paper company pines with bamboo redistributing the pines as mulch & compost through local urban gardening promotions, farmers markets, flea markets. explore and capitalize on bamboos many applications, create educational and training opportunities, open the land to other ventures such as college studies for both students and research, child education and youth work programs, migrant farming hub and networking, artist retreats, promotional events, etc. i want to further develop the idea of a power acre i want to grow and produce my own bio fuel, study human diet and its use in fertilizer and fecalful possibilities. i want to promote urban gardening as an alliterative to current agricultural production practices, local production, harvest, no need to ship, transport, refrigerate, preserve, use chemicals, just clean health truly nutritious food, grow dis-ease prevention herb gardens, actually balance the land and in the process the self ill leave it open form here though it would be easy go on and on with this one simple potential.

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    Apr 20 2013: Will bamboo thrive in any climate? We do not have it here in the desert of the Southwest U.S.A. Also, how is it used to build a homestead from the ground up? Will it accomodate plumbing and electricity. You have mentioned a long list of ideas. Best wishes as you pursue them one-by-one. Don't give up!
  • Apr 19 2013: Bamboo makes me think of old style fishing poles, etc. It's neat stuff, but it is appently something that you don't want to have around livestock. Do you have any numbers or experiences that produced this idea?