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I love this site and this community I think it is the best thing i have ever found online. I first found it and I sat and interacted with the others and I felt that I had used the computer to accomplish something real and possitive. The way I imagine an engineer or artist feels after working on a computer and so far from the mindless social hum of other sites or the vapid porn or the endless pointless video games that suck up so much bandwith. But heres the thing, how can we as a community begin to form action groups in the real world to impliment the ideas of ours and the ideas that others on this site inspire us to emulate? I have a suggestion but I would like to hear other peoples ideas first. TED, Ideas Worth Doing.


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    Apr 19 2013: What if we started by making it so that we could set a variable distance from our home and have all posts by people in that area come up in a local conversations category? that would allow you to select a 150 miles for people like me in the center of Washington state and 1/10 of a mile for people who live in more urban areas? we could then see who was active in our area and what they were interested in doing, it would be a natural tool to encourage people to then meet up and do things together.

    When it comes then to meeting venues, and organizations I think that using existing structures is more efficient than building new possibly redundant ones, I am a member of the Grange and I encourage everyone to look into it and see if they might want to join a local grange hall, the Grange is a powerful non partisan lobby group and community service group, the grassroots lobby system reaches almost every state and goes to the federal level as well. It is a group that was originally founded to help heal the divisions between north and south after the civil war and to help the south begin using more modern methods of agriculture(less labor intensive) it evolved to be a forum where farmers and ranchers could resist the economic exploitation that they faced from banks, insurance companies, and railroads. They did this by creating there own credit union and insurance company and by helping pass laws that restricted the power of monopolies.

    I don't know anything about computer programing, so I don't know how hard it would be to set up a system that allowed you to see activity within a certain radius (and perhaps selectively ignore some) but I do know how easy it is to find a Grange.

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