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I love this site and this community I think it is the best thing i have ever found online. I first found it and I sat and interacted with the others and I felt that I had used the computer to accomplish something real and possitive. The way I imagine an engineer or artist feels after working on a computer and so far from the mindless social hum of other sites or the vapid porn or the endless pointless video games that suck up so much bandwith. But heres the thing, how can we as a community begin to form action groups in the real world to impliment the ideas of ours and the ideas that others on this site inspire us to emulate? I have a suggestion but I would like to hear other peoples ideas first. TED, Ideas Worth Doing.


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  • Apr 19 2013: This is a toughie - it's one thing to have an active online community of people sharing thoughts and ideas, but something else to get a community of actual people to leave the comfort of their homes and physically get involved in making a change. Things like 'Flash Mobs' are a nice way of integrating online action with physical action, but whether they have an effect on changing perspectives, I don't know.

    I agree with Greg and Kendl - TED is an excellent start, but it just tends to take mankind a while before it is literally 'up and running'!

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