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What happens after a TED or TEDx conference?

As a long-time lurker and 2-cents adder online at TED.com; a real life participant / volunteer / organizer with TEDxTokyo and xToronto; a careful steward of the TED brand having raised money for the Sapling Foundation etc., I notice that a talk / conversation topic / TED Prize / TEDx event attracts a great deal of excitement among many intelligent people. But what comes of all this? Are any of us here prepared to get together for real world action? Unfortunately, I've seen a lot of parting of ways and dissipation after an event. I'm afraid that for real change, a lot of it has to necessarily get political, and even TED is too shy for that. I have yet to hear of a post-TED cross-discipline, integrative, problem-solving success story among people who found each other here and did something synergistic about it!

Is TED the end or the beginning?

I like devising strategies to incentivize similarly inspired strangers to break out of their routines and take on an issue together after their minds have been set ablaze...


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  • Apr 29 2013: Is TED at the end or beginning? A thought or two.

    Incidentally, your 2-cents is often beautifully distilled.

    Perhaps the real beauty of TED lies in the unexpected.

    TED can be viewed as a refreshing reservoir. These ongoing retrievable talks, and resulting conversations, comments and discussions about our modern state of technology, education and design helps define and explain the modern era. Our connections and circumstances can be better appreciated by better understanding the dynamics of all this ingenuity.

    This posting activity tends to be thoughtful and useful. It's easy for me to be sidetracked by a fellow member comments. I personally like the room to fully express thoughts on TED over the more constraining popular texting trends in this arena.

    I would not underestimate the developmental capacity of the TED enterprise, nor the influence of members such as yourself.
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      Apr 30 2013: Hi Dan! I don't want to underestimate what TED is either. It is both refreshing and sad to realize that there is no other place online really that has this level of discussion, outside of like, a Masters course or something.

      I do use these TED talks all the time to inform my work. I can't not know great ideas after I've heard them. I'd like to think that my awareness of these thoughts have at least adjusted the things I've chosen to do or say--making the quality of my work and actions better.

      But, even though I'm sure that's happening--and it's already great, I still think that by now, TED has the potential for a movement. People meet over favourite DJs on dating sites for crissakes, I'm poking around to see what kind of get-together people are up to here. Or are we all smart, well-meaning, introverted e-lurkers only?
      • May 1 2013: Hi Genevieve,

        For what it is worth, I like and relate to your creative restlessness.

        There is a real world escapism element to those of us fitting the description of your e-lurker (is this your word?) description. My first personal response was to prefer the reference of an ADVERURESOME smart, well-meaning, introverted e-lurker, just to make you smile (I'd even be will to drop - smart!).

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