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What happens after a TED or TEDx conference?

As a long-time lurker and 2-cents adder online at TED.com; a real life participant / volunteer / organizer with TEDxTokyo and xToronto; a careful steward of the TED brand having raised money for the Sapling Foundation etc., I notice that a talk / conversation topic / TED Prize / TEDx event attracts a great deal of excitement among many intelligent people. But what comes of all this? Are any of us here prepared to get together for real world action? Unfortunately, I've seen a lot of parting of ways and dissipation after an event. I'm afraid that for real change, a lot of it has to necessarily get political, and even TED is too shy for that. I have yet to hear of a post-TED cross-discipline, integrative, problem-solving success story among people who found each other here and did something synergistic about it!

Is TED the end or the beginning?

I like devising strategies to incentivize similarly inspired strangers to break out of their routines and take on an issue together after their minds have been set ablaze...


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    Apr 26 2013: I too am a lurker, mostly because I am not a scientist and confess to having nothing but an avid interest in ideas. For me anyhow this is TED biggest gift to the world, some of the most dedicated thinkers of our time giving away their ideas effectively for free for other (perhaps not so dedicated like me) people to consider, and spring board off into fanciful often-half-witted theoretical imagination and converse. Its an intellectual gift of monumentally generous proportion. I think the people who share my lack of mental capacity are very grateful deep down, I know I am. To think and ponder together is far more magical, enlightening and productive experience than doing it in the dark alone. The supplied TED mental spring boarding fabric lifts us poor mortals to heights and possibilities never previously experienced and therefore brings the sciences and the art of reflective thinking into a more socially accepted, fashionable light. A most worthy accomplishment I believe, especially for the majority who thinks clubbing and sports are the cogs that make the Universe spin....that’s right I said spin :)
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      Apr 26 2013: Remember you may only lack a degree or that certain experience but you never lack Ideas, and the only thing innovation needs is an Idea and the will to follow through with it.

      But I agree wholeheartedly, Teds gift to the world is it's communication of a idea to the rest of whomever wants to hear it. An open source model if I ever did see one.

      What I do know is, we haven't even come close to ending our innovative endeavors, and even when we think we have, someone in their basement will show us all up, and make us think harder and outside the box inside another :)

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