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Why do Ted conferences cost so much to attend?

From browsing the web page i have found that the Ted conferences are highly priced in the thousands. I am a young person from Ireland and this has thrown of any ideas I may of had of attending one that is close. Can someone explain why it is so much or have I got it wrong? Plus can anybody justify that cost if that is what it actually is? If people are expected to pay in the thousands of pounds to attend these conferences and only those that can afford it can attend, this has changed my view on Ted. Can anybody explain where that money goes to or what it is for?

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    Apr 18 2013: Originally I felt similarly and jumped to the assumption that maybe all these remarkably inspiring individuals on here must clearly be well off to be able to afford such huge costs and therefor only a small section of the bourgeoisie were actively aware of TED....

    HOWEVER, this view was a very brief one and over the last couple of weeks I've realised that I couldn't have been more wrong. The diversity of people from all walks of life is inspiring and my love for this site has grown increasingly. The two main conferences may be unrealistically priced, but as pointed out below, they are all streamed online for free and there are tons of events which aren't so expensive!
    I think one reason behind the high prices may be linked to things such as not having advertising (which is the normal way of funding sites) yet still having the need to pay staff etc

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