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The internet 2.0, a virtual new world.

Imagine if you will, taking our current planet, and Digitizing it, uploading it as the Internet 2.0.
We use the internet today and think it's the most advanced thing we have ever used. Yet in 100 years, the internet will look drastically different, I think it's going to be visual like our world around us is. Allowing for more easily accessible features to become even more second nature. Think walking around your neighborhood for a stroll. Now imagine opening up a web browser and walking around the internet, starting at your home, go out in your virtual yard and see and interact with those around you. Or maybe even just teleport to another location miles away in milliseconds, and play a game with someone across the world visually. We do this already but not in the same context, you'll see them as if they were actually there and most likely with all sensations intact. With this level of native sensations we'd be more free to express ourselves as we would without knowing much computer jargon or programming. We'd be able to take ideas and mold them into more fruitful apparitions, instead of throwing it on the back burner while we learn what we need to go further with a concept.

We'd have our own Location derived IP addresses based on personal and geographical input but more so over we'd have our own virtual real estate to do as we see fit, opening up a new realm of marketing and economics. Yes we already have internet economics now, but not on this scale, Advertising would become more relevant, being location based empowering the small business owner. Buying and selling of products both virtual and physical ( though I think in the future we wont buy items we will buy BPOs ( Blueprint Orders ).
At the same time security could be more focused and traceable. Our actions and processes would be more related to our location in the internet, allowing for easier sensing of trouble and potential issues before they happen.

Games and learning more rewarding.



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    Apr 26 2013: Great points,

    1st point - I think real life Identities should be used, like the Wii Mii's representations of your actual self just digitized, the IP address is a little like a Telephone number mixed with a IP address. Users / friends can teleport to you location based on few other factors of course, or leave messages, sites, pics the works.

    2nd point - being that these virtual identities are closely related to your actual physical self, via a unique number, you could go as far as to link credit, and a bank account to your self ip thus allowing for easy transfer of funds. If you have 500 in real life, you have 500 in virtual life.

    Final point - Our biggest hurdle to innovations like these, are people like myself thinking them up, have to formulate such a ginormous structure of a plan including so many different elements that have to work out exactly as we think to allow for others in a wild effort to construct a business that can produce said innovation. When companies with the resources are paying people to think like me and others. What do you see wrong with that? *laughs*
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      May 17 2013: Have you read Snowcrash by Neal Stephenson?

      If not, check it out, an easy read and wildly entertaining. One of the first references to the "metaverse"

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