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Rubrics or assessments for students working in SOLE

I was wondering if anyone out there had ideas for assessing this student work. Even though, students will be learning a great deal, I still need to show some kind progress that students are making in my class room through grades. Any ideas on rubrics, assessments, how to grade presentations, etc would be much appreciated!

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    Apr 30 2013: You might find useful ideas through reviewing some of the free courses available online at www.coursera.org. Many of these courses included embedded mini-quizzes in the lesson videos. Peer review and assessment is also incorporated, and in my experience the students are competently able to score (other people's) assignments relative to a clear rubric. The students can offer constructive feedback to their fellow learners as well.
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      May 1 2013: In tne course I took through Coursera, students expressed a great deal of disattisfaction with peer review, believing the assessments were not truly faithful to the rubrics. The rubric went more to following directions than to quality of response.

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