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Rubrics or assessments for students working in SOLE

I was wondering if anyone out there had ideas for assessing this student work. Even though, students will be learning a great deal, I still need to show some kind progress that students are making in my class room through grades. Any ideas on rubrics, assessments, how to grade presentations, etc would be much appreciated!

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    Apr 26 2013: Randy, In order to talk apples to apples .. In education terminology, scoring rubric means "a standard of performance for a defined population" and SOLE is Self Organized Learning Environment.

    If you are in a group then the grade is dependent upon achieving the standard as stated ... however that result may have been on the strength of one or two memberts and the rest are still in the dark. Therefore, a means of individual evaluation must also be in place.

    My soloution would be in competent / non-competent testing prior to advancing to the next level. In math, science, etc .. the steps used to arrive at the answer are improtant building blocks. Therefore testing should involve the demonstration / performance of the task. I required my kids to show all steps until I was satisfied that they completely understood the process .. I could evaluate that. I am not a big fan of A,B,C grading. That is why the competent / non-competent terms are used. Each student has a course map comprised of modules ... test out to advance to the next module. In this manner the student advances at their rate of learning and remain with their peers for social development. At 12 years old a exceptional student could be doing college level courses and still growing socially and physically with his peers .. not in a college dorm where he is a freak and exposed to out of age group events.

    The course map / module allows a one on one with student and instructor any time for assessment. It also allows for individual time for tutoring as necessary. This does away with the bell curve and peer placement grades and focuses on learning. It would quite favorably compare with Independent Studies.

    Am I correct that this is in the UK?

    I wish you well. Bob.

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