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Rubrics or assessments for students working in SOLE

I was wondering if anyone out there had ideas for assessing this student work. Even though, students will be learning a great deal, I still need to show some kind progress that students are making in my class room through grades. Any ideas on rubrics, assessments, how to grade presentations, etc would be much appreciated!

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    Apr 26 2013: I think the best way to measure a students time elapsed learning, would be to have them demonstrate said skill sets in an application that utilized such. An experiment, a project, a creative assignment that took a hands on approach to showing off their newly acquired subject matter.

    Grades are a false means to measure a students ability since it takes away completely from what the grade stands for and replaces it ( in the students mind ) a new issue of making that low grade higher through application of effort. The grade pretty much becomes the mean distraction to the learning process.

    I was looking at my kids report cards, and yes they had grades but as well they had subsections with N, O, S N = needs improvement, O = Outstanding, S = Satisfactory.

    Maybe just use something along those lines erasing this grade letter system, and using a more function smaller letter marker set. Maybe this could help improve the learning process by allowing them to focus more on learning and use the Learning measurements for a guide like they should of been. How many of us got so wrapped up with grades and test scores that we were completely distracted from actual learning. ( raises hand )
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      Apr 26 2013: There is research to the effect that narrative grades are much more productive for students than letter grades. In fact, narrative grades are more effective that a combination of narrative and letter grades, because students often focus on the grade and don't focus on comments when they are both there.

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