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Rubrics or assessments for students working in SOLE

I was wondering if anyone out there had ideas for assessing this student work. Even though, students will be learning a great deal, I still need to show some kind progress that students are making in my class room through grades. Any ideas on rubrics, assessments, how to grade presentations, etc would be much appreciated!

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  • Apr 18 2013: i recently watched the TedTalk about 'The School in the Cloud'. How do I get my 11yr old to be a part of SOLE?
    • Apr 26 2013: I learned about SOLE through a parent sending me the video of Sugata Mitra talking and I was sold when I heard his research and passion from his work. I have a little flexibility with my curriculum, so I was able to take a litle time and create some questions and other materials that would be exciting for students. I would suggest sending the video link to a teacher that your 11 year old has and see if you get any kind of response! I hope this helps!

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