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Rubrics or assessments for students working in SOLE

I was wondering if anyone out there had ideas for assessing this student work. Even though, students will be learning a great deal, I still need to show some kind progress that students are making in my class room through grades. Any ideas on rubrics, assessments, how to grade presentations, etc would be much appreciated!

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    Apr 18 2013: How do you usually assess group inquiries and presentations in your classroom? How old are the kids?
    • Apr 18 2013: The students are in 6th grade, but I may also try with my 7th and 8th graders. I have a rubric that I have created for another assignment that I have adapted to try wih the SOLE project, which includes tasks like, "presentation is easy to read and legible" and "presentation has no technical problems or issues". I have made it 45 points total for the final project, but have created some check points along the way, such as notes and observation of student roles and so forth. Thank you for responding!
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        Apr 18 2013: As you are a teacher, you know there are lots of resources online for formative and summative assessment of group projects and presentations. What proportion of your assessment will be related to what students learned and seem to have understood about the subject/question they have researched?

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