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Should schools be required to report absent children to their parents as soon as possible, rather than waiting until late in the afternoon?

An ongoing effort to provide safety to our kids. This question was presented to a school board and yet it has been months and still no action. This question has the support of a sheriff's union, the sheriff, a missing child tracking company and school officials (depending on the wording of any proposed measure). This question was also presented to several state legislatures, and still not any replies. What do you think? Good idea? Bad idea?

Closing Statement from Warren Gee

As of May 13th, 2013, there was an attempted kidnapping in Indio of a female walking to school. Fortunately she resisted and made it to school where she reported the incident to school authorities and police. I contacted a reporter that wrote the story and told him of my concern since I have been trying to get school officials and a local State Assemblyman to take notice and require more prompt notification to the parents. His reply was to write a letter to the editor. Had the girl actually been kidnapped, I think his reply would have been different. But then again isn't that what everyone tends to do by waiting until the unthinkable happens then put on their 20-20 glasses and blame everyone for not doing something sooner?

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    Apr 30 2013: its a shame we did not have more responses to this topic.
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    Apr 18 2013: You mean your schools don't report them as soon as possible? What the hell do you mean? Thank god that if I forget to call the school they call me before an hour goes by, what if your child was missing? Why would they wait at all? I don't get it. Thank goodness I live here.
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      Apr 18 2013: I have presented this issue up before a state legislature, the school board, and several other agencies. Although the idea has support, it seems the legislature are more concerned about potential costs than our kids safety. A video is planned for distribution in the next several months, which we hope will stir up some conversation about this topic. Thank you for commenting.