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Can we have our renewable energy and fly it, too? What does electromagnetism have to do with levitation?

Gravity, one of the most perplexing concepts of our reality, but what if it's not just our pesky grounded view of it, what if it's our future of endless energy? Maybe even the Birth of Mechanical Levitation?

So gravity at least on earth ( As I come to at least playful think as ) is the electromagnetic force of our Earth's iron core spinning at a fixed velocity. Well what if we were to create an opposing force of exact opposite value of that of the Earth's Electromagnetic force? Would that if controlled, Levitate? So if we had 4 of these Antigravity generators, if all 4 were tuned to the opposite EM force, would adjusting one slightly cause movement?

Take this same concept, and apply a means to collect the electrical output generated via a kinetic friction from movement created via the repelling force of multiple alternating forces of electromagnets?

Various fields of science are trying this, using Superconductors, Maglev trains, railguns, even our basic electrical motors use the same principal. I just wanna screw with it more and turn it on it's arse.

Yes, I liked John Hutchinson's ideas.

I may be off point, or on point, but science isn't about being right and wrong it's about breaking new ground and trying the untried, and measuring such to find out why it did what it did. Let's talk and please be polite, as an open forum needs manners to conduct proper openness.

Disclaimer, if you make tons of $$$ off this concept, See you in court or the afterlife, not sure which is more scary...:)


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