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Can we have our renewable energy and fly it, too? What does electromagnetism have to do with levitation?

Gravity, one of the most perplexing concepts of our reality, but what if it's not just our pesky grounded view of it, what if it's our future of endless energy? Maybe even the Birth of Mechanical Levitation?

So gravity at least on earth ( As I come to at least playful think as ) is the electromagnetic force of our Earth's iron core spinning at a fixed velocity. Well what if we were to create an opposing force of exact opposite value of that of the Earth's Electromagnetic force? Would that if controlled, Levitate? So if we had 4 of these Antigravity generators, if all 4 were tuned to the opposite EM force, would adjusting one slightly cause movement?

Take this same concept, and apply a means to collect the electrical output generated via a kinetic friction from movement created via the repelling force of multiple alternating forces of electromagnets?

Various fields of science are trying this, using Superconductors, Maglev trains, railguns, even our basic electrical motors use the same principal. I just wanna screw with it more and turn it on it's arse.

Yes, I liked John Hutchinson's ideas.

I may be off point, or on point, but science isn't about being right and wrong it's about breaking new ground and trying the untried, and measuring such to find out why it did what it did. Let's talk and please be polite, as an open forum needs manners to conduct proper openness.

Disclaimer, if you make tons of $$$ off this concept, See you in court or the afterlife, not sure which is more scary...:)

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    Apr 18 2013: ....

    """So gravity at least on earth is the electromagnetic force of our Earth's iron core spinning at a fixed velocity."""
    Don't think so. That's the magnetic field; nothing to do with gravity.
    Gravity is the force of attraction between one mass and another mass. When warships refuel at speed at sea they have to be careful not to get too close to the tanker lest they collide due to mutual attraction.
    Don't think anybody really knows what gravity is; much less how we could counteract it.

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      Apr 18 2013: So our iron core spinning doesn't keep our feet firmly on the ground here and prevent us from floating away into space? Then why in space if the same concept is done do you create artificial gravity? I am not condescending you, I am legitimately speaking from curiosity and engineering.

      I cannot stop myself no matter what is blasted at me fact wise from thinking gravity is in direct relation to Magnetism. That we just are not seeing something that is literally right under our noses.

      Refusing to believe in mainstream understandings may very well just be my quark, but quarks are real too. :)

      I always thought of gravity as our sticking to the surface due to a larger mass moving creating a field that if inside let you feel that attraction of two masses ( or more ) the larger mass giving of the stronger attraction and in space since you are so far from objects of mass, you feel the opposite effect of such, while still feeling the pull of even larger unknown objects elsewhere in the universe.

      If it quacks like a duck, doesn't it at least have feathers? Or like the water? I think some connections are here and maybe we aren't being naive enough in a good way to see it. Yes I think that sometimes we need to forget what we think we know, and what is actually sounded science, and think for a moment what if we were wrong, does anything else seem to fit?
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        Apr 22 2013: Think of all the stars, planets, & moons. Do they all have spinning iron cores? Of course not; but they all have gravity. It is a natural attraction of mass, independent of magnetic fields.

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          Apr 26 2013: I agree they might not all, and they are mass that is set in place, but they are all spinning too. They are supposed to be attracted to one another based on there size, but there is another force preventing that. We have explained it so neatly I feel we should tear it apart and few more time and make sure it still builds the same. I just keep thinking thermodynamics and fluiddyanmics in relation to extremely condensed material & heat, possibly with another force could create Electromagnetic fields that form what we think of gravity as. What if the edge of gravity that we see, and feel, is a barrier of something we have yet to really conprehend?

          I understand what has been drilled into my head since my very 1st science book, but I am not on ted to just agree with everything without the weight of the facts and reality push me aside. I think that a lot of what was known about in our past and that of which is known and being known about now, will be starter blocks for future understandings that simply dwarf that of what we have now.

          At the same time, I want to thank you, and add more TEDCRED to you in hopes you keep challenging people's thought process and creating innovation.