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Can science uncover the origin of everything?

I started thinking about this when I came across this quote by Einstein:

“It would be possible to describe everything scientifically, but it would make no sense; it would be without meaning, as if you described a Beethoven symphony as a variation of wave pressure.”

And then I found this talk about the boundaries between science and philosophy when it comes to explaining the universe and nothingness:


So what do you think? Can science satisfy our craving for knowledge about our origins? Or would it be too dry? Do we need to hang on to a part of mystery?


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    Apr 18 2013: I kind of feel its impossible. I mean i dont know, i suppose it may depend on your views of religion, the universe, and life itself. But if you believe that the universe is ever changing, mutations and adaptions occur, environments change, evolution takes place, well then i can't see how us or any form of inteligent life can possibly keep up with these changes. I agree with Gale, every question anwsered and problem solved is just a key unlocking a door to a room with 10 more locked doors. However i feel that is why science, knowledge, exploration, growth, learning and advancement is so excitting, there is always a new question to be anwsered, and a new frontier to be crossed. I also think that it is not just "human nature" but inteligent life nature/curiosity. (if such a thing exist) There is always that want and drive to know "everything" and the origins of it all. Of course all of that can be negated if you do believe if a spiritual creator or god, which then in some cases we could learn all there is the learn, and or we will come upon this knowledge after our death on Earth and a movement towards a higher being or place. Personally i have no clue, i really cant say one thing or another is certain, and i am not even sure we will ever definitively anwser your question. Excellent question, and topic.

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