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Games that teach and make you learn new things.

What do you do in any game you play? You learn what the game is, how to play it and how you personally can be better at the game.

Well what if instead of shooting zombies, or racing your friends, building a city, you are learning a skill for a job, or grasping a topic more fluently for school, maybe you just want to up your A game. Well you already do this, just with more focus towards the game's core design, meaning the game designer is teaching you how to play his game through his game via tutorials, hands on play and rewards inside the game mechanics.

Ask any gamer, and they will tell you the wealth of useless knowledge they have about any given favorite game, including items in game, their abilities and attributes, the Npcs ( non player characters ) and the many levels or maps in the game known by heart. Imagine if we could take this same principles and overhaul our education system.

How would this be done to teach say Chemistry, Social behaviors, Geography, Math, Science, Nanotechnologies, Manners?


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    Apr 19 2013: This is absolutely wonderful! I just got done having this exact same conversation with a couple friends of mine. I am an aspiring indie game developer (only a friend and myself right now). I have been tinkering with the concept of a MMO style gaming platform for schools for a few years now. The idea of using gaming and education in conjunction with each other is, in my opinion, the next step for how we can interact with children's education today. The thought that I had was beyond just the local construct of "America's education" but a platform that could unite the entirety of the world into a platform that could work together.

    I've been a bit of a wallflower here myself, more time spent reading and watching than joining in, but this topic is something that really fascinates me. Some of the the talks that stood out to me for working more along this concept:

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      Apr 19 2013: Sweet goals, I wish we had this kinda technology when I was in school suffering, LOL. Honestly your idea sounds like it's the next means of how we will conduct education, maybe even coupled with another idea I have here ( Internet 2.0 ( a Virtual New World ) ) may be just what the education system needs, a consistent, persistent Dedicated location where everyone in the world can gather and learn from one another in the oh so many ways we humans know how to and constantly keep devising.

      Seems we need to make the world connected to get anything done the way we want, which is a trillion different ways that all mesh together like some sort of Hybrid Learning construct.

      I love it. The Future looks bright, * dawns cool shades *

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