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Games that teach and make you learn new things.

What do you do in any game you play? You learn what the game is, how to play it and how you personally can be better at the game.

Well what if instead of shooting zombies, or racing your friends, building a city, you are learning a skill for a job, or grasping a topic more fluently for school, maybe you just want to up your A game. Well you already do this, just with more focus towards the game's core design, meaning the game designer is teaching you how to play his game through his game via tutorials, hands on play and rewards inside the game mechanics.

Ask any gamer, and they will tell you the wealth of useless knowledge they have about any given favorite game, including items in game, their abilities and attributes, the Npcs ( non player characters ) and the many levels or maps in the game known by heart. Imagine if we could take this same principles and overhaul our education system.

How would this be done to teach say Chemistry, Social behaviors, Geography, Math, Science, Nanotechnologies, Manners?


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    Apr 17 2013: The guy who created the Atari 2600 has a new educational system of learning games that he is developing. He believes that if we can tie concepts across the disciplines to video games, students will be engaged to learn. I don't have the link, but his site is called BrainRush.
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      Apr 17 2013: Thank you! This is certainly along the same topic lines, and very refreshing, such a giant leap for education for all walks. It's something that we just aren't connecting that intertwines fun and learning, when those two fundamentals combine, the possibilities are endless.

      we can teach people ANYTHING via a properly engineered game, this game of life, has taught me that much.

      * Grins *

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