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Smartphone Hive Mind Traffic Application

An Application that once downloaded and installed, can figure out when you are in your car and driving, once it knows such, the application will turn on, using the Accelerometer, The Time, GPS, and The collective data of all on the network in the local GPS area, this application will be able to give more accurate real time traffic information. Including true bottlenecks, accidents, as well as Best routes with least amount of congestion.

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    May 3 2013: I have been thinking along the lines of this talk for some time now. I like Jennifer Healey's "automotive mesh data" suggestion. I don't believe that robot cars or personal "road trains" are replacements for what we think of as personal vehicles. I have several reasons for this.

    Recently, Denis Hayes made a joke about flying cars being one of the worse idea's ever conceived of. I think robot cars are a close second. Some would argue that airliners and trains both rely on mediated situational awareness systems that helping professionals avoid collisions. Both are sufficiently to be robotically controlled, but they are not. Why?

    Robot control assume the programer though of every possible scenario. But if you have reached "journeyman" status as a driver, you know that is not possible. Driving is a very creative and cooperative activity, that is why most masters are racers. If you think about it, most collisions, (there are very few true accidents,) occur because of lack of cooperation, incapacitation, or unexpected conditions and events. A commercial corporation programing a commercial product will work to the fat part of the market, the "normal" condition, and cover there ass with liability protection for "unforeseen" events. Isn't this the reason most automotive safety equipment has needed to be legislated?

    People on the other had take pride in their mastering of skill sets. So giving drivers a "sixth sense" or Ironman's "JAVIS" could be a major improvement. Jennifer makes a point that we cart ourselves around in two ton servo-mechanisms at super human speeds. Much like the fictional Ironman Mk1 suit, brute strength only gets us so far. But isn't that where we are stuck? What we need is the Ironman Mk3 suit.

    Situational awareness and finesse will not protect us, but it will reduce the "Hail Mary" moves that we accept as an unavoidable evil of driving. Isn't it about time that drivers gained situational awareness without the corporate spying and oversight? Yes!
  • May 3 2013: I know Google Now has incorporated one or two of the features you mention here already. It's able to detect traffic patterns and preferable routes etc. but it's focussed on the individual (or more specifically the individual's phone I guess), so an app focussed on the car instead might be waaay better (so an app that runs through the GPS or the car itself would be really awesome)
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    Apr 19 2013: Nice Addition, I am not a programer, Im just a Idea Generator, so Programmers use this or come to me and let's make it reality. I've also been toying with this concept of using the already Radar / sensors that stop alert drivers of obstacles in their way via front or back radar. Well what if we cut the middleman out and just directly affected the car via a serious alert. Stop or slow down based on a calculations, timing of impact, speed will either stop, applied hard break, or gradual breaking. Basically a hybrid of a google car. That still lets you drive but with serious redundancies to protect life and property, You're welcome kids bikes, toys, wagons, legs and so forth...
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    Apr 19 2013: Cool idea!!!! I will give you a suggestion. It also want to help in Emergency situations.... You can also add an feature that the App will automatically dial emergency number in case of Accidents and other critical situations :)