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What would your Utopia be?

I have been very interested by the ideas of Utopia so i ask; If you could describe your ideal place or state of existence what would it be? it could be anything from peace on earth to eternal happiness.


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    Apr 18 2013: The world we are blessed with is already a beautiful utopia, though it has suffered from thousands of years of abuse and corruption from those inhabiting it.

    If it wasn't so much hatred and disregard for other human beings around the world then the idea of utopia may sound more plausible.

    Though maybe a utopia wouldn't be all that great. Its definition is to be "an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect" but if everything were perfect then there would be no room for error and therefor growth and development... Regardless of its dysfunctions, life is a beautiful thing, and to me that is better than it being a utopia...


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