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What would your Utopia be?

I have been very interested by the ideas of Utopia so i ask; If you could describe your ideal place or state of existence what would it be? it could be anything from peace on earth to eternal happiness.

  • Apr 20 2013: I would say , a final disposition of the ever troublesome problem of what to do about Ethnic or other Groups who have their own agenda which doesn't fit in with their particular "Majority". The solution that might work is to give up on "Assimilation". and subsidize Space Colonization. Example: For various complicated and insoluble reasons, the Jews and Arabs cannot get along. So forget it. Give them each their own planet.; That would not solve their problems, but at least it would be a permanent distraction, and be life insurance against the Asteroid Problem that we have on this Earth.
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    Apr 19 2013: A place where everyone is united as one. A place with a good sense of community.

    But a physical place I always dream about- or meditate about- would be on a warm beach at night. Near a campfire surrounded by a bunch of easygoing friends. There would be positive energy all around us.

    Hopefully I will make this dream a reality someday. I have yet to even see the ocean!
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    Apr 19 2013: Balance
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    Apr 18 2013: The world we are blessed with is already a beautiful utopia, though it has suffered from thousands of years of abuse and corruption from those inhabiting it.

    If it wasn't so much hatred and disregard for other human beings around the world then the idea of utopia may sound more plausible.

    Though maybe a utopia wouldn't be all that great. Its definition is to be "an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect" but if everything were perfect then there would be no room for error and therefor growth and development... Regardless of its dysfunctions, life is a beautiful thing, and to me that is better than it being a utopia...

  • Apr 18 2013: This would be a world where each individual person is striving to be as good and unselfish as possible. Only then will we have peace. No government or political action can make this come about, only every person choosing to change themselves.
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    Apr 18 2013: Hmm.
    From intuition it would be a world where everybody can be happy, or at least satisfied! Where everybody is a bit more 'accepting of difference of opinion'. And where people could freely admit mistakes, and where people had a strong sense of community!
    Also where there is stable global ethic or identity.
    While in this Utopia, status anxiety would be a thing of the past, and consumerism wouldn't be held in as a such a high rehard as it is in today's modern society, more of a focus on happiness economics!
    Where violence and 'prejudice' are reduced dramitcally, and where acts of compassion where encouragewd, and everybody accepted their responsibilties!
    Though my Utopia can be achieved! :D
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      W. Ying

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      Apr 18 2013: .
      Mine is same as yours in principle.

      I explain it as being happy validly only
      or keeping our DNA alive without invalid (ineffective or harmful) happiness.

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    Apr 17 2013: Mu utopia is very simple.
    We are all as wise as in TED.
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    Apr 17 2013: It's interesting how you state "describe your ideal place or state of existence" - this generalization leads me to the idea that a utopia for some may in fact be a simple state of existence in the sense that you are purely existing, blissfully content and formulatively happy with what you are. Utopia, however, is used as a term to describe a combination of political, environmental, social, emotional, etc., processes that are align with contentedness and happiness.

    My utopia, in the sense that everything in the world was "as it should be" or happiness persisted, would have to be the optimal goal of my religious background and that sought-after perfection, whatever that may include as we humans are not capable of grasping these concepts until they are here. In my thought processes and acceptance of reality, the creator is the ultimate facilitator, for lack of a better word, and is what I want my utopia to revolve around.
  • May 12 2013: If utopia is a place which is so-called ideal in some way then no this is not utopia. An ideal is something which creates separation, creates boundaries, what is right and what is wrong in some given ideal. This gives rise to a fixed state of affairs which cannot last because it cannot adapt to the new.