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A Global Government, A Global Democracy

We need a global government. But how do we launch such a Leviathan

A global government to focus on issues like, Global Resource Management, Environmental Conservation, Human Rights Laws, Preserving the Human Race.

An organization like the UN GENERAL ASSEMBLY, except with the sovereignty to actually make decisions stick. If democracy is in the best interest of the human race, then why isn't the UN democratic? Why do 5 countries in the Security Council have the ability to veto decisions made by the General Assembly. Why can the decision of 1 or 2 countries, prevail over the consensus of 152 countries. Why can't the International Community successfully prevent the human rights abuse, war, and environmental degradation that plagues society?

A global government could potentially work. It could be a representative democracy. It could have the ability to enforce decisions made by the International Community. All countries would have to agree to the creation of this sovereign government, and then comply to enforcing its decisions with concrete actions.

This global government would need to be backed by a large enough military power, or have the ability to sanction effectively, so that no one or two countries could possibly ignore or defy it. With complete International cooperation, it is possible.

And who would rule such a Leviathan and carry out its many tasks? It would require so many people. It would be a massive organization. We'd need an online, global Voting System. Only one political party, the International Community itself as a whole. Through a global voting system, each person from any country on the planet (over 18) could have access to a vote online. This is entirely possible over the Internet.

It would have to be free of corruption and voter fraud of course, but there must be a way to make digital voting 100% secure and transparent. This can work if the whole world agrees to work together. But how do we convince every country to participate?


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  • Apr 29 2013: Also I would like to discuss this perceived need Make the Wealthy to pay a greater amount in taxes to spread the wealth. Many, mostly those with money find this unfair as they feel they earned their money why should they pay a great percentage of their money to the government then anyone else? Others claim regardless of how they earned this money they did so under the protection of the government and it's system and by getting a greater share have a greater obligation to pay more. And maybe so and maybe both are equally true. BUT the debate over taxes really missing the point. The point really should be HOW did a small minority get control of a HUGE majority of a nations wealth to begin with?
    Hay one person alone can really only be so productive so at some point they have to use the labor of others. Also if they use or sell natural resources how did they get control and claim to those NATURAL resources? THat is another issue.
    Frankly I feel the whole debate over taxes is a side show.
    First off higher wages alone would relieve the wealthy of a huge amount of their tax burden as you do not pay tax on money paid out to your labor force only profits so pay workers more so the upper management make less and hence pay less in taxes.
    and the work another issue is government programs to help the retired the disabled and the very poor. Now what would move more people from the ranks of the working poor and off of welfare more then to pay them more for the work they do? Second WHY does someone who is retired but worked their whole life NEED to rely on a government social security check BECAUSE they have no retirement pension again corporations DO NOT pay taxes on money paid out to pension funds. so we could reduce the burden on government to pay these retired people by directly having corporations support the people that worked for them for 20-30 years IN the end it is NOT tax laws but fair labor laws that are need. and if the wealth is spread more even so to can the tax

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