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Remember the dream we had as a child.

What was the dream?
Have you achieved it?
How important is it to recall it now?

I always wanted to be a healer. My dream of wearing a white coat with Dr written ahead of my name came true.. I got it and am happy about it.
Now my dream is to do self less service in future, right now too engaged as a family man to devout much time.

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    Apr 17 2013: When I was 4 ( earliest memory I can recall that's related )
    I couldn't sleep due to knowing I had more food that day than most of the other kids in the world else where. It hurt me deeply, and I could never understand why and how people could be starving in a world where food and shelter both grew from the ground as a renewable resource.

    I had a dream to do something about it, well, I haven't achieved such, but I've come close to scratching something else very closely related. Trash and our complete ignorance towards it's true value. We can take our trash and make new viable products from them. We can give those kids and their parents the tools to create their own wealth and obtain their basic needs via the world's trash. Recycling on a scale never thought of until generation X.

    It's very important to have a dream, it's a part of life to fail at it, but it's the blessing of knowing that it's being worked on that promotes the continued progress of that very same dream. It's only through our dreams and goals as youths can we really define our hopes and desires for the future as adults.
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      Apr 18 2013: I agree, if you have a dream, you are hopefull.
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      Apr 18 2013: All my family members have listened to the talk and read the book by Randy Pausch. It inspires us in our greatest depressions.