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Depression is an Illness!

Depression may need a new same because I am one of the happiest DEPRESSED people I know!


Closing Statement from Leslie Pieters

Sharing my idea on Depression confirmed the need for more conversations on the topic. I appreicated the inquest that prompted me to complete my statement sooner than later which helped my idea take form.

It takes a lot to "come out" about a sensitive topic and those who did offered comfort along with their insight on Depression. This conversation enabled me to be objective about Depression while understanding it from a subjective frame of reference.

Stong statements were made by those observing the illness which proved valuable for continued directions in research. Depression referred to, "Our own slow train to our own Auschwitz", was extremely impactful comparison. I wholeheartedly advocated for a new name for Depression the illness, not depression the emotion!

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  • Apr 23 2013: For a number of years I and other NLP practitioners have been helping people of all ages to resolve their depression. Stop wasting yours and my time debating clinical issues. If like us you can help by resolving , curing or whatever you wish to call it continue to comment. if you cannot then clear off and get a life. It cost money to train in NLP why don't you stop messing about and do something like learning then i will have time for you.
    My belief is ninety percent of ailments start in the mind. Doctors and hospitals are welcome to the remaining ten percent.
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      Apr 23 2013: David, you seem very troubled and frustrated by the disease also. I do hope you can help us advocate for another name for it.

      We must continue not to dehumanize the person by blaming them.

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