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Depression is an Illness!

Depression may need a new same because I am one of the happiest DEPRESSED people I know!


Closing Statement from Leslie Pieters

Sharing my idea on Depression confirmed the need for more conversations on the topic. I appreicated the inquest that prompted me to complete my statement sooner than later which helped my idea take form.

It takes a lot to "come out" about a sensitive topic and those who did offered comfort along with their insight on Depression. This conversation enabled me to be objective about Depression while understanding it from a subjective frame of reference.

Stong statements were made by those observing the illness which proved valuable for continued directions in research. Depression referred to, "Our own slow train to our own Auschwitz", was extremely impactful comparison. I wholeheartedly advocated for a new name for Depression the illness, not depression the emotion!

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  • Apr 23 2013: Depression has a tremendous impact on the people surrounding the person suffering with the illness. Not often recognized, the effects of depression can be crippling and overwhelming on loved ones who struggle to understand the challenges facing the person. Fractured communication skills and schisms that prevent positive interaction create emotional and psychological dissonance. Recognizing that depression can cause overwhelming destruction to the emotional and physical relationships in the person's life must be an important analysis of the disease and its treatment.
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      Apr 23 2013: Jason, I applaud your sentiments!

      Like every illness, loved ones are sometimes affected more if they do not accept it. I finally accepted my brother's schizophrenia because I saw the mental deterioration it caused. I still want him to say, "Got Ya", and get out this state. He had a beautiful mind and now he cannot control it at all; it controls him in words and deeds.

      With Depression, many I know do not think they have a problem but simply cannot function properly and simply wonder why they can't?

      A former student told be he's Bipolar and takes three medications/day to get through the day. He is now speaking about the disease with the topic, "I'm Not Crazy, I'm Mentally iIl'. I'm so proud to know him and have decided to do the same.

      I am aware that people will deny, insult the illness and the people with it and so on. Some of these people are in the field but many are our friend and family who want everything to be ok.

      It can be when we can identify Depression and continue the healing process indefinitely.

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