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Depression is an Illness!

Depression may need a new same because I am one of the happiest DEPRESSED people I know!


Closing Statement from Leslie Pieters

Sharing my idea on Depression confirmed the need for more conversations on the topic. I appreicated the inquest that prompted me to complete my statement sooner than later which helped my idea take form.

It takes a lot to "come out" about a sensitive topic and those who did offered comfort along with their insight on Depression. This conversation enabled me to be objective about Depression while understanding it from a subjective frame of reference.

Stong statements were made by those observing the illness which proved valuable for continued directions in research. Depression referred to, "Our own slow train to our own Auschwitz", was extremely impactful comparison. I wholeheartedly advocated for a new name for Depression the illness, not depression the emotion!

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  • Apr 20 2013: The problem when comparing mental and physical illness is that mental illness is not as measurable as physical.illness. You can take a person's blood pressure , measure their glucose levels, or use any number of imaging tests to check the spread of cancer. Unfortunately no such tests exist for mental illness. One simply can not quantify behavioral health. There is no test for levels of depression, or bi-polar disorder, or schizophrenia.For this reason many still refuse to accept the reality of mental illness and continue to view it as an excuse for anti-social behavior. Unfortunately for a lot of people mental illness remains an "I have to experience it before I believe it" subject, leaving those who live with it, and their families, struggling for recognition and treatment.
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      Apr 20 2013: Sofia, I concur!

      I truly believe that if the stigma is removed from this behavioral malady, more people may come forth giving us more subjects to test the spectrum if the illness.

      For now, it needs to be respected and not damned until we can fully test and qualify it to properly treat it.
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        Apr 20 2013: I understand that depression carries much more of a stigma within some communities than others. Have you looked into this?

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