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Depression is an Illness!

Depression may need a new same because I am one of the happiest DEPRESSED people I know!


Closing Statement from Leslie Pieters

Sharing my idea on Depression confirmed the need for more conversations on the topic. I appreicated the inquest that prompted me to complete my statement sooner than later which helped my idea take form.

It takes a lot to "come out" about a sensitive topic and those who did offered comfort along with their insight on Depression. This conversation enabled me to be objective about Depression while understanding it from a subjective frame of reference.

Stong statements were made by those observing the illness which proved valuable for continued directions in research. Depression referred to, "Our own slow train to our own Auschwitz", was extremely impactful comparison. I wholeheartedly advocated for a new name for Depression the illness, not depression the emotion!

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    Apr 17 2013: One of the problems with a discussion about depression is it is like a discussion about love. We all know what it means but once you start trying to define it as if it were a 'thing' out there in the universe and we are the 'observers' you lose it completely. Depression is not an illness - any more than, for example, God is love. Depression is the human response to unsatisfactory and unresolvable circumstances. In my experience that is always as the result of contradictory behaviour by other humans. In simple terms the solution to depression is not to cause it in the first place. Once someone is depressed the only thing one can do is support, appreciate, value and love them. They are quite capable of getting through it themselves with the right support.

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