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How many people backup their computer on a regular basis?

Another day spent recovering a customers hard drive which held all their family pictures from the past 10 years. I was wondering how many of you backed up your computer files on a regular basis.

To help me gain a complete idea I would like to know the frequency and methods that you use.

How often do you complete a full backup of your computer files?
i.e. weekly, monthly, rarely

What system do you use to backup your files?
i.e. Operating system backup, online backup, transfer to external disk or flash drive.

Thank you for taking part.

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    Apr 16 2013: Drop Box similar to Carbonite and free up to 2.75 GB
  • Apr 16 2013: Mick,
    Guilt forming here!! I don't back up my hard drive, but do back up a few files on jump drives. My concern is security for online backups, i.e. how do we know there is real security? How do we know the company will endure and not disappear, which could result in loss of access?

    Who do you trust?

    I do very much appreciate your concern and suggestions.
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    Apr 16 2013: I subscribe to an online backup service, so I stay backed up continuously, I don't have to remind myself, and my files are not at risk to fire, flood, or theft.
  • Apr 19 2013: Hi Mick!
    My husband and I both back-up religiously. We're both running 10.6.8 on our twin Macbooks.
    We use Data Backup by Pro Soft, and TechTool by Micromat, both of which ensure our precious ones and zeros are backed up via partitions on the computer itself, no external drive needed.
    I would say we backup monthly, and when working on a particularly important project, daily. Sometimes a few times a day!
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    Apr 19 2013: I don't back up my hard disc at all. My wife does. She transfers photos and documents to EHD and presently it is nearly 1 TB. I infest virtual space with my ramblings and over 10 years now have quite a presence. It gets me romantic proposals to hate mails.
    My OS is preprogrammed to back up every 15 days.
    I back up every night when I sleep.
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    Apr 17 2013: "There are two kinds of people: those whose hard drives have failed, and those whose hard drives WILL fail."

    I back up regularly, and I store non-private docs in the cloud.
  • Apr 17 2013: I have a Macbook. I previously had online backup service with ISP but that is not available at my new home. I use Dropbox and a Time Capsule wireless hard drive to keep Macbook backed up constantly. It is easy and doesn't seem to slow down computer like the ISP online back up did. I did recover some accidentally deleted files from the wireless hard drive and that was easy too. I also have the Packrat option for Dropbox in case I accidentally delete something again.
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    Apr 17 2013: Hi Mark,

    A few options would be to purchase a cheap NAS (A hard drive with it's own network connection) You will then be able to automatically backup to the drive using your computers backup software.

    As for security for online backups, most providers encrypt any data that is sent between your computer and their servers. The backup should be an exact copy of the files stored on your computer, so if a company disappeared you will still have the original copies.

    Have a great day

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    Apr 16 2013: Hi Lawren,

    Thanks for your response. Great to hear that you are using an automatic online backup. May I ask which service you are using?

    One thing I recommend is to attempt to restore a few files ( on another computer if possible). Nothing worse than not being able to recover your data.

    Best wishes

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    Apr 16 2013: Thanks for your reply ZX Style,

    Make sure you backup soon. It would not be good to lose all them fabulous memories.