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Is it possible that one day books will be a form of currency?

I own a Kindle and an iPad with the Kindle app in order to read with convenience. A lot of people that I know are now converting over to using a Kindle or other device other than a book. It got me thinking about the movie "The Book of Eli" where the Bible was considered a weapon to Gary Oldman's character. With the world constantly improving technologically and companies trying to create a greener world whilst lowering their own costs, will books (to an extent) become obsolete? There are books that are printed as collector's editions, hardbacks, as a set and so on. Obviously there will be books in print but what if specific books or genres were no longer printed because they are so common? For example, fiction, like Harry Potter may no longer be printed however legal texts used in the courts may always be in print.

So, is it possible that in the future, people may use books as a currency to trade for something more valuable?

  • May 3 2013: I would say if you barter, then that would work. if I'm a book maker, but not necessarily currency. I think in the Book of Eli, it was a rarity of value.
    I don't particular care for reading a book on a computer screen, its not as joyous for me and my eyes as the next person, I'd rather read an actual book. So I'm one of the few people praying books stay around for a while longer.
    I'd like to think that hopefully we all get out of the mind frame of currency being necessary, it does not change society and the greed within it no matter what form its in
  • Apr 22 2013: they already are its called book sales or digital sales .how many book have you sold?
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    Apr 20 2013: I think that's a distinct possibility. The most loaned and not returned of my possessions by my friends are books.
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    Apr 17 2013: Why would you think they would be used as currency? Right now rare items, collectors items, can be sold for currency.

    Are you asking whether books will mostly be collectors items?
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    Apr 16 2013: Well what is our currency now? What was it before? We make up what our currency is, we decide on what we want to base our currency off. If metals were tremendously abudant and easy to come by then we would not use gold and silver for our monetary systems. We place greater value on more rare and rare objects, materials hard to come by or not easy to make, or something that is a key to our way of life. I dont see us ever using books as any time of real valued currency because the data and information in the book will be so easy to find and come by it wont be worth anything to try and trade. Maybe if some large life changing event took place and earth became a "water world" well then books would be of great value, for their contents and for their paper. (if youve ever seen the movie "water world")
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    Apr 16 2013: Do not confuse BARTER with CURRENCY. In a barter transaction no currency is involved, for example a dentist will trade a root canal for a tune-up on her Mercedes convertible. If a book has an established intrinsic value it could be used to negotiate a trade for some product or service of equal or similar value, but that would not make the book currency. The answer is NO!