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Are people of faith in fact gullible?

Gullibility is the belief in something with no substantiating facts to support that something. I contend that if you believe in something based upon Scripture, whichever religion you belong to then you are gullible. That is not to mean evil or stupid but simply gullible. This also differs somewhat from credulous depending on what actions you take in support of your beliefs or faith.


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    Apr 25 2013: Not necessarily, but for the most part, yes.

    I was on the verge of being an atheist when spiritual experience caused me to question my disbelief. Today, I still read the scriptures, but I see them in an entirely different light. Most fundamentalists wouldn't agree with my views.

    The old definition of faith was in tune with spiritual enlightenment or inner awakening (taken from a 1904 Noah Webster Dictionary). The new definition is based on blind faith (taken from 1953 Webster's New World Dictionary). The definition of the word theology also changed; the old definition regarded the scientific method as one of its two branches. The second branch was based on personal revelation (spiritual experience). The new definition completely ignores evidence based on nature and reason, and the only thing remaining reverts back to church doctrine which takes the average parishioner out of the picture.

    Eastern philosophy is based on examination of beliefs so that one can come to an understanding. A lot of Eastern philosophy is represented in the bible, but none of it is explained. Ever since the Catholic church put down Galileo, it has done more to suppress the truth than to embrace it. It drove a wedge between science and religion and the wedge has only served to antagonize the two against each other. Until the wedge is removed, most people will remain gullible to what the man on the pulpit tells them.

    My faith is not based on what anyone else tells me. I question everything that I believe until I come to a greater understanding. Until I can put it into practice and trust the results, whatever I believe is in need of further examination. Unquestioning belief has no place in my world.

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