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Are people of faith in fact gullible?

Gullibility is the belief in something with no substantiating facts to support that something. I contend that if you believe in something based upon Scripture, whichever religion you belong to then you are gullible. That is not to mean evil or stupid but simply gullible. This also differs somewhat from credulous depending on what actions you take in support of your beliefs or faith.


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  • Apr 17 2013: Lastly:

    I just cannot believe in God in the religious sense. I have tried, but I just cannot do it. If this were true, then in my view God’s behavior is often much like a 12-year-old boy with an ant farm and a magnifying glass.

    “Are people of faith, in fact, gullible?” I think the intellectually honest answer is ‘sometimes’.

    Sorry it was so long - I wrote it out in Word, not noticing the post size limits. Dad would probably confirm that I always did talk a lot. :-)
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      Apr 21 2013: Hi robin, belief is a funny thing.

      I also tried to believe and you can act like you do, and fool others, many can not fool themselves. i couldn't force myself to believe something that increasingly seemed false in so many ways. The more i thought about it and tested it, the more i explored and questioned, the more it seemed false, even though i wanted some of it to be true, to have not wasted years.

      With practice you can construct powerful delusions or beliefs, but when they fail to withstand reasonable scepticism and critical thinking, you can not make your self believe.

      Thanks for sharing.

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