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Are people of faith in fact gullible?

Gullibility is the belief in something with no substantiating facts to support that something. I contend that if you believe in something based upon Scripture, whichever religion you belong to then you are gullible. That is not to mean evil or stupid but simply gullible. This also differs somewhat from credulous depending on what actions you take in support of your beliefs or faith.


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  • Apr 17 2013: Part 3:

    I’ll probably be asked, so here’s my own personal spiritual belief system. I don’t know how to label it, so I don’t bother trying:

    The earth – within its atmospheric envelope – is a closed system. Matter isn’t created or destroyed; it just changes form.

    I picture ‘God’ as something like a battery; as the power source that fuels it all, the engine that runs the world, but not as a humanistic, thinking Deity that takes sides and casts judgment.

    When a living thing is born, be it a blade of grass or a human child, it draws it’s life force from the energy pool; when it dies, that energy is returned. No more, no less.

    Within our closed system here on earth, the amount of energy remains the same. We have a lot more people now, but fewer animals, fewer trees. Same amount of energy. This fits very well with reincarnation, too. I also ponder the possibility that perhaps much of the ‘sickness’ of the world is due to so much energy being tied up in things that do not decompose readily, thus delaying the energy’s return to the pool. There isn’t a lot of energy in a single discarded tire, but there is some… and a whole lot of them. And we embalm our dead and put them in concrete boxes in the ground, delaying their return to the earth.

    I have come to believe that we are all capable of feeling this energy running through us and the world around us, connecting every thing to every other thing. In animals it is called ‘instinct’ and in people it is called ‘spirit’. I believe prayer, meditation, and sometimes even dreams are a way of tapping into this energy stream, and that some people are capable of consciously manipulating and using that energy for good or ill.

    I don’t believe any of this is ‘supernatural’ because nothing that a living thing is capable of doing is outside nature.

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