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Are people of faith in fact gullible?

Gullibility is the belief in something with no substantiating facts to support that something. I contend that if you believe in something based upon Scripture, whichever religion you belong to then you are gullible. That is not to mean evil or stupid but simply gullible. This also differs somewhat from credulous depending on what actions you take in support of your beliefs or faith.


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  • Apr 17 2013: Part 1:

    This is an interesting conversation. I have read every post and comment and have found every person’s post to be reasonable, at least in the context of their stated realities. I try to remain open-minded, and I try not to be judgmental. I do not always succeed. Please bare with me.

    I should probably mention that I am Gordon’s daughter; however, at 50 years old I can say that my thoughts and beliefs are based much more upon my own observations, experiences and explorations than any childhood religious indoctrination or, in this case, lack thereof. 

    My professional background lies firmly in the Arts; in my professional youth, the graphic arts and now as a self-employed jewelry designer. I do, however, have a deep love and appreciation for the scientific world. I also love myths and legends, although I largely appreciate them as teaching tools and cautionary tales, rather than as literal historical documentation. I simply cannot align myself with any sort of dogmatic religious organization. It’s an authority issue, I suppose. I resent being told what to think, believe and feel, especially if it is contrary to what my heart believes is fair and just. I have explored many religious schools of thought over the years, from several Christian churches to paganism and even Wicca. I have the same issue with all of them, which my father stated so eloquently: “I am not a fan of organized anything because almost invariably the organization becomes more important than its members.”

    In my view, when a group becomes so large that the membership begins to support the organization, rather than the other way around, it has lost its way.

    It won't all fit in one post, so the rest will be posted separately.

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