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Has anti-discrimination gone too far?

Today is the anniversary of Jackie Robinson's debut into Major League Baseball. George Will called him the 2nd most important black man in the history of the United States. Without a doubt a very courageous individual who had to face all manner of scorn without reacting. He single-handedly changed the culture of the U.S. with only his ability to confront the status quo.

Since then other's have changed the culture for the better by bringing prejudice to people's attention.

Today placing value on anything has become a faux pas because it can then be construed as a form of prejudice. The problem with this habit is that it shuts down critical thinking of all stripes. This would very from subject to subject and individual to individual.

Is this a dangerous meme?

Closing Statement from pat gilbert

This was another one of my immensely popular topics. Which is indicative of the number of people who see this point at all?

Here is another video on this that is quite good!

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    Apr 17 2013: Pat, Psyc / spin doctors / politicians / etc ... have done this forever. When I was a kid there were all sorts of fears in the community. i.e.: a divorced woman moving into town ... prior to Kennedy a Catholic ... in many circles he is Jewish ... 1800's Irish, Black, Chinese, Mexican, etc .... If there is a screw up in the administration news will come out about the former leader and his screw up that led to this or that. Not my fault.

    People are easy to screw with ... I saw your husband publicly masticating ..... everyone knows your sister is a noted thespain .... have you stopped beating your wife yet .. yes or no.

    I can screw with number to make anything look either good or bad and change sides and make most come with me.

    The truth is that in many cases the general public is led by the media or others who have media access.

    There was absolutely no way that O could debate the budget in the primaries so they switched and baited until the other side was defensive. Lack a few votes .. place the blame on the rich and the opponent for not voting to save your kids future ... All that will change when I am elected.

    The problem is not discrimination or predjudice ... the problem is that the average person has become a follower and has limited ability to reason things out. Some of this can be place on sloth and greed but overall the lack of reasoning is at the root of many if not most issues.

    The ancients considered Philosophy as the most important element in our lives ... perhaps they were correct.

    I wish you well. Bob.
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      Apr 17 2013: I hear you Bob but there is more to it than that

      I look at people here on TED I think they are more aware than most. Yet in this one area they are not aware of the meme they are influenced by as anything that is not kumbaya shuts them down. Consider that the U.S. has been changed over decades to the only transgression you can commit is that of discrimination.
    • Keith W

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      Apr 17 2013: Awesome.. i agree. No dogma is good no matter how appealing its concepts are. Look how people are becoming Fascists about what others eat.. and if they recycle. yup its conformity and social dogma of all kinds.
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    Apr 16 2013: It is a dangerous meme. As much as racism, sexism and discrimination exists, one should not be so paranoid as to see these ills in everything. As you have rightly mentioned, sometimes it distracts one from the real issues and from critical thinking.
    There is nothing wrong in the peculiarity of cultures and the differences between people; and it is inevitable that people of the same descent will have more things in common that people who are not.
    We, as individuals and as a society, need to have certain values that we hold dear.

    In our quest for a society that values mutual respect, freedom, peace and justice; we should avoid the belief that that there is no right way to the things that we seek. We should not ask questions and then say that the only answer is 'there is no answer'.
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      Apr 16 2013: Thanks Feyisayo

      No need for people to reconcile their differences quite the opposite. I remember a conservative Jew telling me he lived in Australia for a while and telling me the thing he missed the most about the U.S. was the influence of the blacks on the culture.
  • Dan F

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    Apr 20 2013: Yes that could be argued to be the case.

    Blacks were unjustly discriminated against by Whites in our not so distant past history. An egregious fact involving separate public drinking fountains to considerably worse institutionalize and personal abuses. Politics legally impose a more civil behavior in the way we treat one another regardless race. The USA government did the right thing by acting to eliminate this unjust discriminatory behavior.

    That responsible political act did not end there. It went politically proactive and expanded pushing for the need for citizens to be more tolerant and accommodating to all kinds of individual differences that were considered worthy of special attention and treatment.

    Tolerance and accommodation in society can be pushed at the expense of the good aspects of intelligent judgement and the common sense discrimination about differences with those we should feel comfortable rejecting as an individual right without anti-discrimation concerns. Crude behavior or profane speech, or shocking appearance, or loud or pushy political views and belief systems, etc., can be legitimately offensive as a matter of good taste, appropriate behavior, truth, etc. Does not seeking unconditional toleration in these attitudes and behaviors promote the exact opposite of the original intent and aims of unjust discrimination or bullying? - Not to mention hinder justified critical thinking out of the fear of being called names and/or facing legal action?

    PS: later modified to reflex more what I originally meant to say.

    Thought provoking question.
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      Apr 20 2013: Thank you, not sure most people get what I'm saying. Perhaps a lack of critical thinking?
  • Apr 17 2013: Pat - People who have not received something that they think they should because of their group that is discriminated against. People who have not received something they think they should because someone else receives a preference.
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      Apr 17 2013: Isn't that discrimination in either case either by inhibiting or enforcing?

      My main question is do people shut down their critical thinking (weighing of importances) on this because of the meme that that can be construed as discrimination?
      • Apr 17 2013: Pat You are right in that some people seem to often turn off their critical thinking because it requires work.
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    Apr 16 2013: every anti discrimination is discrimination. it is like breaking your other leg, after your one leg is broken, to restore symmetry. obama did not get the presidential seat for being black. he got it by being the better liar. we want the best liar to be the president, let it be black or woman or gay. not because of quotas.
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      Apr 16 2013: In O's case a lot of it had to do with the voters were tired of Bush, the reelection was because he was the incumbent, which is typical.

      I'm looking more at the general lack of critical thinking that is ubiquitous on most forums.
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        Apr 16 2013: i would say you don't even need "critical" in that sentence. most people are just repeaters.

        and this is coming back to my point. the antithesis of racism/sexism/anyism is understanding. understanding why it is factually incorrect, why it is morally bankrupt, and how it leads to worse living. anti-discrimination does not promote understanding, but just tries to offset one evil with an opposite evil. two wrongs does not make one right.
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          Apr 16 2013: Good point, with that in mind understanding would resolve the meme?

          I think of stupidity as ignorance in that people are not aware of what they are ignorant of. As Dennet says they are controlled by a fluke. I think we all suffer from this to some degree. As the joke goes "I'm pretty smart as far as I know" The question is then have you sounded your awareness?
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        Apr 16 2013: yeah, i don't see how it wouldn't. it would be rather weird if people were puppets to memes while being aware of it. i can't imagine that, but hey, i can't imagine a lot of things people actually do, so i might be wrong.
  • Apr 16 2013: Maybe in some ways yes,but in others no.