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Common Application Development platform for Cars

Cars the most used and most expensive in their own segments

What is a car in present world?
- A top class design
- Top performance
- Awesome gadgets / tech stuff

What is going on in the present world?
All cars have the same concept of having big mechanical systems and few features are provided by software. Like Digital odometer, audio system, navigation system, etc...
The higher you pay more sophisticated technical/technological features you will get (like...Tesla, BMW, Audi, CTS, etc..)

Why we need it?
Everyone agrees that hardware and software are two different things. Instead we look for a expensive call which has the sophisticated features which makes car expensive there is a lot we can do in terms of make them to different things. The concept is as simple as smart phones.

A smart phone has may hardware components in it, manufactured by man companies but the OS's are very limited.

What we can achieve with this idea?
As I given the world’s most and the best example above, the smart phones and even PC's are a very good explain.
In 80-90's - PC Era, where PC took over Mac because of its software, hardware compatibility. If we will start thinking in this way inline, I am sure by doing and making hardware, software two different things it will help and evolve car feature, cars future and etc. a lot.

Think about a Common Application Development platform for Cars where we can develop a feature and it will be available across the globe with a single click of button. Isn't it amazing?

Will it take years to implement?
Nope, As far as I know, the cars a heading to words the same vision but they are diversified with different thought processes and directions. Bring them together like, Android which works on any system.

Droid Car - guess what?
Unlike existing cars which are running on independent platforms and operating systems. It will work on any car powered by limited tools :)

  • Apr 17 2013: building a Common Application Development platform for Cars for all cars.

    layer 1 - car engine
    layer 2 - ODB2 connectivity and protocols which are connected with engine sensors to get the data and display on dashboard
    layer 3 - Car interface / interactive layer to the user (drive)

    so, the top layer will be a high level user friendly layer which will intern connect to odb2 and gets the data, will display the data on an user friendly interactive dashboard. And the external tech tools / gadgets (dynamic dashboard, GPS, radio, personal assistance services, any more) also will be connected to it.

    A single platform for all cars interactive system. in other works, developing using Open Source OS android.

    why don't we take Android OS as Common application platform which is already existed in the market and leverage it in Cars world using which the existing App store, then no need to write a app in separate language to facilitate a call (like pandora which is available in few cars now and its comes with cost)

    As a new enhancements which I thought of :- let us say a car is operated by Droid OS. when driver unlocks the car and the system will be active and response back to driver with a voice as " welcome Mr. X and out side temperature is 80c and car inside temperature is 90c would you like me to bring it to 70c and so on ". A kind of star strike sci-fi technology revolution.
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    Apr 17 2013: And your idea is?