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Address all these ideas, all these issues through revamping education. We need to work together to move these talks into ACTION.

As I watch all these TED talks - about the need for better nutrition to fight obesity and take care of our earth, the power of play, teaching innovation, "unschooling", the "SOLE" method of teaching, flip teaching, Khan Academy, bullying and the impacts it can have on children, etc etc etc. They're all connected. Every single one of them. Why does no one talk about that? Fixing education could fix each and every issue, could utilize each and every solution offered. We need to ACT. My TED Prize wish (dreaming here) would be that the TED Prize would ONLY be given to those who ACT - to those who make an ENDURING CHANGE in the world. The ideas, the innovation - they're absolutely necessary to get the ball rolling. But without a strong business plan and the skills necessary to see it through - at the end of the day, an idea will not change the world - only ACTION can do that.

HOW CAN WE ACT? I have sent emails to so many TED speakers I've lost count. Asking for help, for guidance, for advice on how I can start a new school here - a pilot for the WORLD to show how education is key. Each and every time - the response I got was, "go for it! great idea! good luck!"... and... sorry I cannot help. My schedule is too busy. I've got speaking engagements around the world to inspire others as I've inspired you.


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  • May 2 2013: I'm interested in fixing schools. I have an idea but it will take a lot of work and almost everything has to change all at once.

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