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Creation of brain level activity lie detector

The world we live in is rife with criminals and prisoners clogging prisons and jails. Some of them are innocent and most are not. They are sent to prison after a time consuming process called a trial that should be fair. However, it seems to me and my 57 years that fair in the legal system is based on how much money you can throw at a lawyer. This idea will never be implemented by any congress or senate because approximately 92% of these people are lawyers and they need to protect their after government jobs. However, a nation that has put a man on the moon, solved complex issues like color television, and etc.., certainly has the ability to capture the thought process of our brain that tells ourselves when we are lying. I am not talking about skin sensors and heart beat monitors that must be interpreted by some statistician. I am saying that our brain tells us when we lie. I personally have never told the slightest little white lye without the conscious thought that I was lying. Some sort of medical device that could recover this thought would immediately send the guilty to jail and leave the innocent free. The entire world’s criminal justice system should be eliminated and replaced with a person who connects a suspect to a machine and asks; did you kill that person. Yes it is radical, but if we develop it, we save billions per year of tax money and eliminate fraud in corporate America that steals billions from innocent investors.

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    Apr 15 2013: Hello! This question reminds me of a movie, I can't remember the title of it, but you may have seen this where the police force is able to tell when in time a murder or crime is going to be committed and are able to stop it before it happens. The underside was that the system or someone in control failed and the main character was framed for a crime he did not or would not commit.

    I looked it up online and currently lie detector tests are not permissable in court, so apparently they are not yet technologically advanced to be fully accurate at all times. The only issue I have about observing the brain and the reactions that occur in order to determine if someone is lying has to do with psychology and sort of reverse psychology: suppose the person who is on trial and being tested is very empathetic and during this test, he is overly concerned with what the operator judging his brain is thinking concerning his case. If the accused during this time is assuming the operator believes he is guilty, this might leave an imprint of guilt or malaise in his system.

    You also mention "capture the thought process in our brain that tells when we are lying" - if a person is truly sociopathic and feels no guilt towards the crime committed, or if he is insane in the way that he actually has convinced himself of a lie, the brain may believe this and provide no biochemical truth.

    Last but not least, there is a theory that has pointed out how when a person simply sits at their desk and thinks about running or exercising, the body/muscles/brain is affected in very much the same way that it would if the person were actually performing this activity. When you consider this hypothesis, testing the body or brain could be manipulated or wrongly incriminating.