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If communism was working the way its progenitors wanted it to, would it be better than capitalism?

The main reason why communism was made was people wanted to be equal without getting restricted by their environment, but nowadays communism is abused by some dictators such as North Korean leaders. Besides, capitalism also has its own problem. There are so many people who didn't have opportunities to try what they really wanted to do due to their poverty or else.
If communism was working as it should be, would it be better than capitalism?
(When there are no dictators)

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  • May 5 2013: I was a communist until I realised what the completed revolution actually meant. I was watching an ant documentary, and the narrator was talking about how the ants were working together for the common good, and I was like "yea! These damn ants have it right" then I thought about how I would hate to be an ant, how I would never want to be a component as part of the greater whole and I doubted the system for the first time science embracing it, so I thought deeply about it and realised after a lot of reading, soul searching and observing the world around me that communism was in its fully realised state, terrible. It disregards the individual as a system that cares only for the state and in doing so completely ignores the initial reasons for the creation of society. I think capitalism is better than communism and capitalism is the only thing that I hate in the universe (communism has a spirit to it that redeems it in my eyes)

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