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If communism was working the way its progenitors wanted it to, would it be better than capitalism?

The main reason why communism was made was people wanted to be equal without getting restricted by their environment, but nowadays communism is abused by some dictators such as North Korean leaders. Besides, capitalism also has its own problem. There are so many people who didn't have opportunities to try what they really wanted to do due to their poverty or else.
If communism was working as it should be, would it be better than capitalism?
(When there are no dictators)

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  • May 3 2013: Well the question itself leads to more and more clarifying questions. For example, since the question asks us to look at communism in a vacuum where it would not be tainted by human action, but rather be able to work in it's intended manner; is the question also asking us to look at capitalism the same way? Or are we comparing intended communism to practiced capitalism. I'm very sorry I will be unable to answer your question. First of all, it's because there are many answers for many different versions of the question. But second (and most important) of all, I am simply a high school junior without the knowledge base to fully and accurately support any sides to this argument. I just thought I'd drop in and offer up a chance for some clarification on the question.

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