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If communism was working the way its progenitors wanted it to, would it be better than capitalism?

The main reason why communism was made was people wanted to be equal without getting restricted by their environment, but nowadays communism is abused by some dictators such as North Korean leaders. Besides, capitalism also has its own problem. There are so many people who didn't have opportunities to try what they really wanted to do due to their poverty or else.
If communism was working as it should be, would it be better than capitalism?
(When there are no dictators)

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    Apr 25 2013: One important reason for the failure of communism in the 40-some (present) countries where it has been tried is Karl Marx' failure to understand human nature. The system basically demands that you "love your neighbor as yourself," an impossible requirement. The Soviets tried to educate self-interest out of their workers, based on the equally faulty genetic theories of the agronomist Lysenko. (Who taught that acquired characteristics could be passed on genetically, thus it would be possible to gradually create "better" - more compliant - citizen generations through education.)

    But unless we are totally brainwashed we have the quality of self-interest, with its pluses and minuses. A workable social/economic system must recognize and allow for that, but must also manage it.

    We have not yet arrived at an economic system that both allows for capital accumulation and competitive initiative, which have given us our modern technological advances, and at the same time properly emphasizes and rewards cooperative efforts and the social good. These latter features have been difficult to weave into a "capitalist" system, which is oriented toward profit as the fruit of competition.

    I don't expect such an integrated system to spring up overnight, but I fully expect us to get there sometime. I'm waiting for the socioeconomic theoretician who will offer a workable sketch of such a system.

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