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When to write a book?

"You should write a book about that"...a common in response to an experience shared with another...but should I? What makes a story so compelling that it needs to be authored and published?

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  • Apr 23 2013: I try to avoid, books that overwhelm with descriptions of attire, etc.,
    merely to expand a short story into a larger one.

    I am reading one of them today. Tiresome.

    Writers should know when they have gone past the line.
    But, I've noticed with the cheaper priced, but popular writers,
    they ignore the reader, just to fill the book.

    Readers have rights. We do not like being taken advantage of
    by such weary tactics. Tiresome to read over and over again
    the same tripe.

    Expansion be dammed. Discount the Price if you use this ploy!!!.
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      Apr 25 2013: I agree with you completely, Frank.
      Relevant to this is something I've heard several times in writing classes: It takes two to make a story - the author and the reader. Of which the reader is perhaps 40 percent. Meaning that the author sketches the story in such a way that the reader's imagination can take over and fill in his own details. The story you read and create will be a different story from the one I read and create, though they are the same story.

      If the reader is denied the opportunity to contribute creatively in reading the story, there's no pleasure in the reading.

      I used to suffer from the malady that I felt a moral obligation to finish a book once I started on it, as if I were indebted to the author. Not any more. If the author hogs the stage and doesn't let me on, the book's history. Like you I experienced most of the past century, and I don't have time for bad authors.
      • Apr 25 2013: Paul, TED has a weekly limit on "Thumbs Up"
        but I can give you yours here... "Thumbs Up"

        I do the same as you.
        Read a bit, (a book a day)
        ... if it's not being written, said or done right I toss it.

        Let me tell you (write you) a story --
        I love to write. I do so every day.
        I have problems with social gatherings and hugs.
        But I have so many friends that visit me, I never have to leave the house. I play pool two hours a day. 3 and 4 cushion bank shots are my specialty. My friends at the Senior Center actually send a car to get me. I walk back, and these days it is getting tough.

        I handicap horse-races on the phone with a friend from 3pm to 8pm every day, and over the last 20 years have built a computer program that gets 60 to 80 percent right. So, now I handicap by hand, pen and paper. It is tougher, but satisfying to be right. I seldom wager. As we get older, like buying real estate, it makes no sense.

        Simple story -- Hope you liked it. My nutshell life.

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