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When to write a book?

"You should write a book about that"...a common in response to an experience shared with another...but should I? What makes a story so compelling that it needs to be authored and published?

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    Apr 24 2013: I have every intention of writing a book. I had an overwhelming idea one day and I began to write a plan, idea's and characters. Development is very important. I would have to witness a truly incredible event to have the inspiration and will to write a book or any length.

    As it has been said in Ted Talks, A reason, a purpose, a Why? is an incredibly powerful thing in all aspects or life. If your book explores ideas or perspectives then with proper distribution of the idea people will come to you. If you write a book based on What, a book that is simply a book for the sake of writing with much embellishment and good use of words then you will have to rely on a lot more on other aspects and help.

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