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When to write a book?

"You should write a book about that"...a common in response to an experience shared with another...but should I? What makes a story so compelling that it needs to be authored and published?

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    Apr 22 2013: Once we erase the need to take any thing that could be done and we do it not for the need to support ourselves via some silly currency that is needed to buy things that every other being needs to live, then maybe we can focus on doing things because we actually feel it is needed or we just wanted to because we love it.

    Then when you want to write a book, you'll actually want to write the book, and you'll be more passionate to that very question...
    • Apr 23 2013: Michael, you are so right.
      Professional writers are a work-ethic bunch.
      They are trying to leave their mark on society,
      all while using their talents to make a buck

      There is nothing wrong with that.
      We all enjoy reading both fiction and non-fiction.

      I read a book "every day", and have since childhood.
      With my "Kindle" within reach, I have a 1,000 books
      to read 24/7/365. This current batch, stands at 678 read.
      More than half-way through my latest, Wicked Prey #19
      by John Sanford. One of those Lucus Davenport novels.

      I may be wasting my time. But it is my time.

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