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When to write a book?

"You should write a book about that"...a common in response to an experience shared with another...but should I? What makes a story so compelling that it needs to be authored and published?

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    Apr 20 2013: When the inspiration comes. I think we only have really good ideas to write a book when we have an inspiration. Every person could write a book, if he'll really want to do that.
    • Apr 21 2013: Kamila, Why wait..?

      Just start writing.
      Inspiration may not be recognized for what it is
      at a time when you are not prepared to write..

      And inspiration can fade or morph into something else.
      Just start writing.
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        • Apr 23 2013: Don, Inspiration that is growing need to be fed.
          Feed it.
          If you cannot decide upon a topic,
          take a page from a newspaper, tear it up,
          toss the pieces into the air, and grab just one.

          Make that your topic to start with.
          You can change later.
          Start. . .

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