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Inject a poison into bluefin tuna that make them toxic to human but not themselves or their predators.

After a bluefin tuna of 222 kilo was bought for 1.7 million dollars, the resources that need to be put into places to protect a few of these giants will only increase, requiring armies to protect them. the waste engendered by the operation (fuel, resources, money......) can barely be called sustainable practices. the sale of that tuna was one of the best shine the light on reality of economic truth and the law is simply not enough.
it is only an idea, i am aware of the dark side of it.
not every idea is worth putting into action, but many are worth debating for what they are bringing up.


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    Apr 15 2013: Imagine the military and terrorist applications if such a human-specific toxin were possible.
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      Apr 15 2013: i am sure someone is working or has worked out the toxins in the "chemical war fare" departement.
      that idea is also laced with some kind of dark humour and extremism.
      the radioactivities found in certain fish following the nuclear disaster in Japan do just that. but i don't know what it does to the fish.

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