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Atheism is the disbelief in any God or deities but does that include a creative energy form we perceive or call a God?

Atheism shouldn’t be confused with agnosticism as agnosticism relates to doubting the existence of God because we can’t prove if a God exists or not but atheism just doesn’t doubt the existence of Gods & deities but refutes their existence period without evidence to the contrary.

I suppose I’m agnostic however I do believe we have come from an intelligent creative energy form of some kind, unless proven to the contrary that’s what I think at this time in my life & of course I could be wrong like anyone else.


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    Apr 29 2013: Good to see we've solved the problem of atheism.

    I'm sure most of my friends would call me an atheist, because I don't use the concept of gods for anything other than historical, social, or psychological discussions. As a subject of discussion, however, belief in gods is actually very interesting to me, though I'm constantly surprised at the number of people that seem to believe in only one god. That seems very limiting.

    I've spent much of my life working in the natural sciences, and it seems to me that neither science nor any other discipline will ever "prove" either the existence or non-existence of gods, Richard Dawkins' folly notwithstanding. If gods are (or "If God is") transubstantial, immaterial beings, it would seem that a scientific program to determine their existence would need to be able to measure the transubstantial and immaterial, a tall order that I don't see coming down the pike. So we seem to be left with believing or not believing, as each individual chooses.

    I - the atheist - am not at all opposed to a belief in God, to the degree that the belief aids someone who has a need for a being that gives comfort in pain and who will hear their difficulties. That can be of great help to many, and I don't see a problem with it. I do have a problem with the fact that organized religions have divided mankind into camps that are willing and anxious to kill one another for their gods. People seem to have forgotten that Belief means just that - belief. Not fact, not truth, but belief. It should always be held with a measure of uncertainty and doubt, and it never justifies harming those who believe differently.

    To those who see a grand intelligence as the logical answer to "What made the universe?" I would say that logic would further demand that we ask, "What made this grand intelligence?" Etc, etc. The churches answer, "It's a mystery." Perhaps that's the only answer we can manage: It's a mystery.

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