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Atheism is the disbelief in any God or deities but does that include a creative energy form we perceive or call a God?

Atheism shouldn’t be confused with agnosticism as agnosticism relates to doubting the existence of God because we can’t prove if a God exists or not but atheism just doesn’t doubt the existence of Gods & deities but refutes their existence period without evidence to the contrary.

I suppose I’m agnostic however I do believe we have come from an intelligent creative energy form of some kind, unless proven to the contrary that’s what I think at this time in my life & of course I could be wrong like anyone else.


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    Apr 20 2013: I think the problem is how do you define God.
    I do believe in something beyond my comprehension and impersonal, that in some way designed the universe and the laws. This is just a believe and I can not actually prove this because as I said, this something is beyond my comprehension.
    Is this God? Well, that is my conception of God. This is how I define the God that I believe exists or existed. Then I am not an atheist.

    When someone asked me, whether I believe in a God who loves me, whom I can talk to, who will punish me if I don't behave, then the answer is no, and I am an atheist.

    Either way, I am irreligious. Sometimes I claimed to be a deist to avoid explaining too much, and I came from a country where atheism is not accepted.

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