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Atheism is the disbelief in any God or deities but does that include a creative energy form we perceive or call a God?

Atheism shouldn’t be confused with agnosticism as agnosticism relates to doubting the existence of God because we can’t prove if a God exists or not but atheism just doesn’t doubt the existence of Gods & deities but refutes their existence period without evidence to the contrary.

I suppose I’m agnostic however I do believe we have come from an intelligent creative energy form of some kind, unless proven to the contrary that’s what I think at this time in my life & of course I could be wrong like anyone else.


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    Apr 16 2013: Despite our general aversion to labels, we must recognize that words are all we have. Concise, clear communication (exchange of information) depends upon words. We really can't each make-up our own meaning for terms. Therefore, I offer the following for your consideration:DISTINCTIVES OF BELIEFS WITHIN ATHEISM3 Types: (Source: MIT course 24.00 Problems in Philosophy Fall 2010). 1) Rational Atheism: There is a rational basis (sound reasons) for not believing in God.2) Arational Atheism: There is no rational basis for not believing in God, but do not believe anyway.3) Irrational Atheism: There is a rational basis for believing God exists, but do not believe anyway.2 Levels (a): (Flew, Antony in The Presumption of Atheism.)1. Positive Atheism: Positively asserts the non-existence of God.2. Negative Atheism: Chooses to be non-Theist due to absence of evidence for Theism.2 Levels (b): (Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance-2007 Definitions of the Term “Atheism”)1. Strong or Hard or Positive Atheism: Strongly asserts the impossibility of the existence of any deity(s).2. Weak or Soft or Negative Atheism: Does not insist deity(s) cannot exist, but rejects Theism due to absence of proof.DEFINITIONS:Atheism: ~Disbelief in the existence of god or gods. Oxford Concise English Dictionary.~A disbelief in the existence of deity. Merriam-Webster Dictionary.~Rejection of belief in God or gods. World English Dictionary.~From Gk. atheos without God. Online Etymology Dictionary.~Denial that there is a God. The American Heritage New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy.~The belief that there is no God. (Webster’s New World Dictionary).~The belief that there is no God. (The World Book Encyclopedia Dictionary).
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      Apr 16 2013: G'day Edward

      Thanks for that Edward that was quite informative, they seem to be saying the same exact thing so there couldn't be any confusion in what being an atheist means. My question is Edward could an atheist believe in a creative energy form as apposed to a God or divine being? Atheists believe matter & anti-matter created the universe but they have no idea where this matter & anti-matter came from in the first place. What I find funny is some of these atheist blindly believe matter & anti-matter were just there & some how collided with no apparent force to make them do so in the first place.

      It is funny a lot of new age spiritualists don't like labels , that would be fine if we weren't human but we are & labels define who & what we are especially before becoming spiritual which few of us will as there is a huge difference to one being spiritually aware to one being an actual spiritualist.

      I believe myself that everything is of the spiritual but a lot of spiritually aware people define what they won't to be spiritual not what is which has nothing to do with this oneness that they also talk about in the same breath. If we didn't label a spiritually aware person from an actual spiritualist everyone would be calling themselves incorrectly a spiritualist which is happening today but their not.

      Something even more funnier is these people have problems with labelling, the ego & judgment which infer conflict, true spirituality has no conflicts at all with anything as it's all accepting.


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