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Atheism is the disbelief in any God or deities but does that include a creative energy form we perceive or call a God?

Atheism shouldn’t be confused with agnosticism as agnosticism relates to doubting the existence of God because we can’t prove if a God exists or not but atheism just doesn’t doubt the existence of Gods & deities but refutes their existence period without evidence to the contrary.

I suppose I’m agnostic however I do believe we have come from an intelligent creative energy form of some kind, unless proven to the contrary that’s what I think at this time in my life & of course I could be wrong like anyone else.


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    Apr 15 2013: Hi Mathew,
    I relate to your position. It would seem obvious from the extreme organisation of planet earth would indicate some form of design or foreknowledge. I guess each Atheist would need to answer for him/her self. What made the difference to me was the answer to the question, "Does the bible accurately relate the history of planet earth?". For me it does, & that from before much of it had happened. I understand this is not a universal experience, but that is the difference between the believer & non-believer.

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      Apr 16 2013: G'day Peter

      I think atheists would & could believe in a creative energy form if it wasn't labelled a God or divine entity as it wouldn't go against their beliefs. I know I lot of atheists don't like anyone saying that it's a belief they have but it is as they believe God or divine entities don't exist, to believe denotes a belief.

      It seems a little silly to me for an atheist to disbelieve in one intelligent creative conscious form created everything but they will believe that matter & anti-matter created everything even though we don't know where this matter & anti-matter came from in the first place but of course we know that matter & anti-matter exist but we don't know yet scientifically that one intelligent creative consciousness exists but I believe science as it evolves will one day answer such a question.


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