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What is the best "preventive action" to stop poor farmers from ending up in slums and become essential manure of urbanized society?

1) Poverty amongst farming community is pushing thousands of farmers into committing suicide, or migrating to city slums in search of jobs.

2) So far stepping into slums is a one way trap. It not a fairy tale as seen in "Slum Dog Millioner". They step in this trap as a temporary measure, however it soon becomes permanent.

3) Knowing slums are one way trap, is there a way to prevent these poor farmers from migrating to cities in search of jobs and land up in this trap?

  • Apr 18 2011: We need to take away the Greed of the Middle Man and pass a decent price on to the Farmer and be sensitive to inflation
    and don't leave the Farmer out of the equation . I know what the Farmer goes through. I am the son of as farmer in Alabama and know what it is to catch a mule and plow after school.
  • Apr 15 2011: well the number one problem is whyare these farmers poor in the first place?
  • Apr 5 2011: If there are thousands of farmers that are property owners, they ought to gather together and create a way to compete for a great many benefits.
    *lower cost supplies
    *increased access to shared/technologies
    *shared farming assets
    *medical care
    *increased market representation