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How did you choose you career? Are you happy with your choice?

We are faced with the decision of choosing a career so early , when we actually still know little about life; few of us have clear view of what we want to pursue but for the most choosing a college is a hard decision to make because we don't know what we want. In US you can start college and make up your mind as you go while in many countries you have to commit from the start.
How was this process for you? Years into your career do you feel that you made the right decision? Would you chose the same second time around? Did you look for advice from other people? from parents? from educators? from role models? Did you know what you would be good at? Did you consider the potential income your career will bring you? Did you actually look at the trends in economy to figure out your employment prospects?


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  • Apr 14 2013: I didn't look at any of those factors. I started out in a general science program in university, switched to geology and ended up working in computer system. Throughout university, I took the courses that interested me without regard to a final "job". It was my position at the time that you could not possible learn enough going to classes and labs to be actually worth anything to a company when you graduated. You could only learn how to learn, have the fundamentals of your profession and be prepared to adapt quickly when you actually landed a job.
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      Apr 15 2013: Hi Gordon I think you were right; college gives you the fundamental concepts of the field you study and teaches you how to research and solve problems in your job. We don't have to look at a career choice as to something permanent, we can reevaluate and figure out along the way.

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